120 Deadbeat Minutes

Back in 1986 MTV started a show called 120 Minutes which showcased the “Alternative” music scene.  This was, and still is my favorite music.  The alternative music of the late 70s, through the 80s, and into the 90s defined our clothing, attitudes, and identities. This is simply a collection of videos that helped to define the music of the time and define who we were and ultimately who we are today. It may not be as good as 120 Minutes (And no Dave Kendall) but it will help you remember.  You can also check out the 120 Minutes Archive.  They did an outstanding job of compiling each episode with what is currently available.

The playlist is best listened to on random but I cannot embed it that way.

I own none of these songs all rights are reserved for the rightful artists.

Not a rant. I was driving this morning and The Buggles came on the radio. My 5 yo daughter yelled; “leave it on!”. So I listened and considered the late 1970s through the 1980s when MTV ruled the cable box on my TV. So many videos, every top 100 song had to have video release. World Premiere Videos were actually heavily anticipated cable TV events. The coming of cable TV and MTV transformed musical artists from concert appearances and hidden studio sessions into actors who needed to look good. Not everyone looks good no matter what you do to them, so the big hair and tight pants come along to compensate for the lack of visual appeal. (Mick Jones…) What was once about the music now became about the appearance and the money. Production costs increased, everyone was sticking their hands into the pots of mediocre musicians. Sure this was always the case but now we had to feed the visual artists, MTV needed a (big) cut, production crews on set, scenery, cleaning the washrooms, and the list goes on. Nevertheless, we paid the higher costs of the latest cassette from the Bangles even if the album was a smarter choice just for the larger photos of Susanna Hoffs. CDs were a happy medium, excellent sound, portability, decent size photos of Belinda Carlisle.  Videos are no longer a thing. We now download our songs onto personal devices and isolate ourselves with our music. While this is better than the boom box on the shoulder forcing everyone within range to hear what I am listening to there is a something missing. What would Lane Meyer I mean Lloyd Dobler do?  Connect his phone to her Bluetooth earbuds? While that has a certain “kewl” factor you just do not have the same dramatic effect. It seems as though the mp3 killed the video star and any chance of me trying a vegemite sandwich. One positive outcome of the death of music videos is Eileen will never have to go anywhere with anyone in overalls ever again.

Thanks for the memories; Allen, Martha, Nina, and Mr. Dave Kendall.

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